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Unearthing Real Farmhouse Cider

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Moving to Somerset last year with my partner Karen and buying our first home together at the start of a global pandemic was always going to be scary (no, Karens not the scary one).

Not only did we have the cottage and large garden to sort out, we were also starting out and developing a new holiday letting business close to Wells and Glastonbury, couldn’t have timed it any better at the start of a national lockdown, damn that covid.

Eventually we had the Shepherd’s hut, Studio and B&B rooms ready to go for business once lockdown end in July. This led me to look at the many reasons to move to this fabulous part of the West Country. Here are just a few of the many.

Beautiful countryside

Friendly and laid back people (some almost horizontal)

Great walking over the Mendip Hills and Somerset Levels.

Delicious food and drink.

Little did I know how much that last one would become so important, not only to myself but also our growing flow of guests, many asking for recommendations not only for eating out but also for REAL CIDER! Not the stuff you buy in a supermarket, but the head banging and knee knocking quality of Somerset cider, where you have to test out your best navigational skills to hunt this down along windy lanes and over hills to reach your holy grail of Somerset farm cider. Sometimes cloudy, sometimes clear but always guaranteed to blow your socks off!!!

My quest begins to search out all the unbelievable cider that Somerset has to offer, not going to be easy now back in lockdown but the apples keep growing and I will keep drinking, sorry I meant tasting 😵

Off to the farm shop now to hopefully discover a local gem to get stuck into and review.


Any suggestions or favourites please share below.

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